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I made a quick vid on what I do in the first 30 or so minutes of the game. I am not a huge fan of micro managing - so I tend to make parties that require mild to moderate input from me for most encounters but can dial it up for the big fights. The quality sucks (sorry, my first vid) but it should be useful for folks who want some quick tips.


This is for you, Waffle.



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Is there no Monk in Medreth's group on normal?


That Barbarian build is fine. Like I said in my guide I'd probably put at least 15 into PER on every character which you did. INT will be better when they boost the AoE.


And yeah if you just pull single beetles like that rather than try and take on the whole group at once then obviously it's way easier than fighting them all at once. On Hard the spacing is a bit different and there's Adra beetles, so often if you try and pull one, the others will pretty much always aggro as well.


You should try picking Barbaric Blow on your Barbarian - it's pretty awesome (even though it's a 1/encounter active).

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