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[333] Weapons with natural accuracy bonuses are gimped by suppression rules





In this image I have a Fine Dagger Equipped


I have a Level 5 Monk with 18 Perception


The Inventory screen (inaccurate) says 60 Accuracy.


25 (base) + 12 (level 4) + 8 (Perception + 15 (1H Style) = 60




Daggers are naturally supposed to be Accurate weapons, as that is the 'perk' that they and several other weapons have (Rapiers, Clubs and Spears). This bonus is represented by the property "Accurate 1" which is a status effect/buff and enchantment bonus that follows the buff suppression rules.


When you have a Fine, Superior or Superb Dagger such as I have here, let's see if that Accuracy bonus stacks with the Fine property, if it does my Accuracy should be 69 (+5 from Accurate 1, +4 from Fine)




Doesn't look like it.


This makes Daggers, Clubs, Rapiers and Spears inferior choices for weapons when you have access to Fine quality or greater weapons.


These weapons should be given a different / inbuilt accuracy bonus exempt of the buff suppression rules.

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Hello Sensuki,


Thank you for your posting. Stacking rules have been recently changed so that this no longer occurs. You should notice Accurate weapons properly benefiting from their Quality Mod in the next Backer Beta update.


Thank you for your support.  :lol:

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