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[333] Lightning Spell bugs



There are quite a lot of places where this spell has issues with the terrain.

I decided to go around at random and cast spells to see where it usually bugs out.

Unfortunately it's near impossible to tell when it will work correctly or when it will go ape**** when you're casting it at the wall since it's so bugged.

However i did find at least 1 bug that you can easily reproduce.

If you try casting a lightning bolt up hill it will nearly always bug out.

Here are some examples:



I didn't really check thoroughly but i found 1 place where the spell has some massive issues, including the preview line of the spell getting cut off.



There's also 2 bugs i noticed that i can't reproduce, but hopefully others will now be watchful of this:

The spell consumed 2 spell casts for no reason.


Here's also a video of how the spell got put in queue and triggering simultaneously with the second cast.

(I actually think this would be a cool mechanic that could be put in the game)



I just noticed this happens in this video as well.

If you pause really quickly you see that 2 spells shoot out at once.

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