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[301]Disappearing party shadows



Specs: 1920 x 1080 @60hz


Started a new game and as soon I got into the game I moved my camera to the right and noticed the shadows on my characters disappear.


Here you can see the fighters shadow on the ground



Here you can see the fighters shadow disappears if I move my camera a little



Where I made my squiggley lines appears this is a dead area where shadows will not draw. So it appears no off screen shadows.


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Still shadow issues in 392. In Dyrford village, right after starting a new game, there are no shadows for the party's characters. However, letting the characters run to the right causes the shadows to appear. Now if I move the screen to the right, the shadows start to disappear again, but only on the dirty ground, not on the grass.



- Start new game

- Move characters to the right until they have shadows

- Position them so you have some on the dirt road and some on the grass near Medreth

- Move the screen slowly to the right and observe the shadows



- Characters cast shadows



- Characters cast shadows only if not near the edge of the map

- Shadows disappear if screen edge approaches, as long as the shadows are on the dirt road



The left image border is the screen border


post-132-0-65818400-1419542990_thumb.jpg post-132-0-62563300-1419542999_thumb.jpg post-132-0-59791600-1419543012_thumb.jpg

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