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memories @ crpg

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Hey write your memory stories about cRPGs lets move back into the past while we look forward to the future :D


I remember when I was at my dad's friend house. He had a boy and they had a computer. And what I saw was a great game he was playing... Baldur's Gate. He was fighting a mage/warrior and half of his party died. He briefly got to the temple and revived them. Yes. He didnt reload.

I was super hyped about that game. For 8-9 years old boy it looked really fun and realistic. I finally got the 5cd pack and tried to install it on my 24 mb ram computer (133? mHz?) with my brother. We read that the dwarfs are most immune to damage and they have extra health points so when I finally got the game installed probably quite before midnight (and it wasnt on first try for sure) I made a dwarf. I didn't somehow like it so I created a human fighter and that was it. Now most of my characters get his short name but I never came across such an adventure game. It took me weeks to complete the game and even today when I look back I never finished the game in the same way. Also I always found something new in the game even before BG: EE, a small detail something unimportant but still telling me; 'there is something more'.

Skipping most of the BG II experiences I would like to share my final moment of ToB fight. It wasn't easy but me and my brother were very sad that it's ending (and we didn't see that coming - so to say about the storyline of the game). The funny and unexpected fact is that my father was accidently playing 'Con te Partiro' by A. Bocelli, ... The stories of characters you met on your way made me even more sad. can you imagine such strong emotion burst? I am sure I cried that night...

I never was so hyped about a game. Now it's the second time. I'm here checking everyday news and I'm waiting and waiting... It's gonna be the return to my childhood. Thanks Obsidian!

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For me, I started with BG2, not BG1.  I was over at a friends house watching him play BG1.  I remember thinking how much I wanted to play that game, because it was at that age (14 I think) that I started getting crazily into fantasy-based things (books, D&D, video games, etc).  I knew the game was in the Forgotton Realms, which was my favorite fantasy book series (still is).  I decided to skip BG1 and go right into BG2 (being impatient to get to the higher levels and cooler spells) and when the collectors edition showed up at my doorstep, I installed it right away.  For some reason, the game ran slow as dirt when the sound was on, so I simply disabled it and played for about 12 hours with minimal breaks.  A few weeks later I got a new sound card, and tried turning on the sound.  I was shocked at how much different it was to play a game with music that good, with voice acting that good (obviously I am referring to Boo), and it was a totally different experience after having played it for so long without sound.  I have been watching videos of the backer beta, and have enjoyed just listening to the music.


I cannot wait for this game to be done and out so I can obsess all over again.

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My whole life I compared Fallout 1/2 to their rivals, but I realized later on that comparing a new game to the nostalgic marks of your impressionable youth is not fair to new games.


I'm sure PoE will be a blast to play, but it needs to create new memories of our adulthood, not compare itself to the lofty standards of an earlier age.


Not to mention with the console-stupefied age we are in now-- an entire generation needs to be reoriented to... well... intelligent games.

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I started with a Mac. Loved it, but I was seriously bummed about the limited number of games from which to choose. Finally had to give up and get a PC for gaming purposes, but by that time the second wave of CRPGs was dying off.

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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