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[v278]Crash on loading a save or changing major location

Olauron Mor-Galad


[Description of the issue]
Trying to load a game, to change major location or to exit an interior results in crash.
[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]
1) Start new game.
2) Create a character.
3) (optional) Level up the main character to level 5.

4) One of the following:
4-1) (optional) Save game.
4-2) (optional) Enter the mill interior. 

5) One of the following:

5-1) Load saved game. 

5-2) Exit interior.

5-3) Change map location using global map.
6) Loading screen appears and in a few minutes game crashes.
[Expected behaviour]
Loading a village area or a selected area.
[Other remarks / Comments]
This crash may be caused by starting a game on not a modern system. But it is absent in the "Known Issues" list and thus it is not clear whether the developers are aware of it (I'd not count the "Optimizations - We have not fully optimized the game yet. You may notice that load times and performance still need to be improved" issue as it is not a matter of time and performance but a matter of unavailability to play).
output_log.txt and error.log (renamed to error.txt for uploading) are attached.

crash.dmp and report.ini are empty.

DxDiag.txt is attached.




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