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[v278] Chanter does not stop chanting after combat.



[Description of the issue]

After a battle the chanter did not stop chanting resulting in about 17+ verses recited to use in spells. This happened againt the wurm slayers. For the record my verse count never seems to go up until this one time. Though even if it doesnt go up (aka stays at 0) I can use chanter spells.


Once a spell is used the verse count goes down to 0 and the chanter stops chanting. I had the pig pet equiped.


This was a 6th party member as well.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Go fight the wurm slayers with a chanter and pig equiped

2) Dont use any chanter spells

3) Kill them

4) Repeat until chanter does not stop chanting after the battle.


May work with any other battle though I havent had it happen again.



[Expected behaviour]

Chanter not continuing to chant after combat.


[Other Remarks]

This might be related to this other report:


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