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Nature Godlike's hair colour changes



[Description of the issue]

If you create a nature godlike character you can't change the hair colour, but if you first try to make another race and choose a hair colour, the hair colour of the nature godlike is the last choosen hair colour of the previous race


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Select a nature godlike during character creation

2) Note that the hair colour is brown.

3) choose a class, attributes a background and see that you can't change hair colour of a nature godlike.

4) go a few steps back now choose a wild orlan, the default hair should be green.

5) now go a step back and choose again a nature godlike

6) note that your hair is now green.



[Expected behaviour]

Hair colour of a nature godlike doesn't change if I choose a different hair colour during character creation.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Bug works for both male and female nature godlike.




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