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[v278] Crashing during area transitions etc.



In the current state the game is unplayable for me - it crashes every few minutes:

- during character creation (especially when choosing the class)

- during loading to game

- sometimes in the game


- and always when I want to leave some "building" - for example the first church - I can go inside, but when I try to leave the game, it always crashes.


I attached the error logs (about ten in like hour) + the DxDiag - is it possible that it crashes because of the older pc I am playing at? (Dual-core 2.4 GHz, Nvidia GF 8800GT, 4GB RAM, Win7 ...)


Thanks for the help!

I payed for the beta access and so far I was not able to get to a single fight...

Error logs + DxDiag - Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta.zip

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