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Spells & abilities disappeared from menu above portrait





Some of my characters' spells and abilities have been removed from the menu above their portraits, but these abilities still show up in their character records.




Specifically, when I click on BB Wizard's portrait and then click on [iV] to access his fourth-level spells, the menu that appears one level above is titled "4th Level Wizard Spells" but is empty, even though I just leveled up and chose my first 4th level spell.


This is also a problem for BB Priest, whose menu has been reduced to two buttons: her weapon sets and a single quick item (she has 5 equipped); the buttons to access her spells are entirely gone. Screenshot attached.


I suspect that this was triggered when I added items to the characters' quick item slots, which I did a few minutes before noticing the missing abilities, but I tried and failed to reproduce the error by loading a previous save and adding quick items. (This is the first time in the game that I used the quick item slots.)


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