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why do people on this forum hate swtor

why do you guy hate/dislike swtor  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. is it that revan and the exile are in it or is it the story over all or something else

    • is it the story over all?
    • is it something else?
    • is it that revan and the exile are in it?

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I voted all three. I really tried to enjoy that game, but it was awful. They tried to put in story to all the MMO-type quests. It worked for very few of them. The rest had a boring story (yo, go fetch that, will ya?) with low quality voice acting. I could have lived without VO or cutscenes for the filler quests, tbh. Actually, I could have lived without the filler quests. The gameplay isn't that great either. Ran into a few bugs, that I myself have reported weeks or even months before launch, the launch didn't go smoothly at all (well, what MMO launch goes smoothly?) and to be honest, it was absolutely not worth the wait and annoyances. 


The animations were cool enough and the PvP was quite fun, but in the end, I wasn't enough. Not even close. GW2 came out at around the same time and it was superior to SWTOR.


I knew exactly what it would be since I played the beta, but I absolutely did not want to support a company that murdered KoToR 3. KoToR 2 was one of my favourite games, and SWTOR was just a sad attempt at making money. KoToR 1 was good enough, and I liked Bioware for it, same with Dragon Age Origins. Everything that came out of Bioware after made me dislike the company. DA 2, SWTOR, no thanks. The nail in the coffin for me was how they choose to take player feedback from the beta: completely ignore it. They made some really awful decisions, like buying a prototype engine for SWTOR and launching even though many people including myself said that the game is in no way ready for launch. Not even close.

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There is nothing redeemable about it. The combat is the worst, bog-standard MMO "repeat all abilities until they die," story and level progression are painfully slow (to extract as much time and money as possible from the player) and the story isn't even there most of the time. The vast majority of the content is generic filler.  And yes, it has little to do with Kotor 1 or 2 (and what connections exist are mostly the MMO pooping all over them.)


Bioware seems to have confused voice acting with story. "We spent all this money on voice acting!" they announced at release, as if that was somehow indicative of quality. Don't get me wrong: all else being equal, voice acting is usually better than not having it.  But at the end of the today, voice acting the line "Please gather these fifteen widgets" does not make gathering fifteen widgets any more exciting.  And gathering fifteen items is most of what you do in SWTOR, a design strategy that Dragon Age: Inquisition also adopted, to its detriment.

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Coz its another trash mmo in the world of trash mmo's


and its taking advantage of the same time period and characters from KotOR 1-2, which is taking a dump on



while it could have been KotOR 3

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First what I didn't like, the 'return' of Revan. It's just cheap rehashing that can only mutilate the Revan we knew, and played. Revan and The Exile are Player Characters, they are our characters and whatever the storywriters did to them can only degrade them. Unless you do it like Obsidian did in KotOR-2. That said, I do get the impression that Bioware was trying to undo some of the damage done to Revan's character after KotOR.


As far as I've been playing SWToR I am having a very good time with it. After dabbling a bit with a Jedi Knight, which wasn't very good, I made an Inquistor and was hooked. It's fun, a delight, the story is what you'd expect for an Imperial scholar, you're steering your way through all the scheming and backstabbing Sith, plotting the downfall of everyone around them. All of this through excellent voice acting and convincing facial animations.

It may be full of stereotypes, there are plenty of different stereotypes. The side-quests may be running around, killing mobs, and getting itmes or clicking things, as they were in KotOR, they are always given a different twist.

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