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Bug, displayed language



[Description of the issue]

The game chooses the language displayed by your operating system instead of whatever you picked in steam.

Aka : I have a french os, but I want to play in english, and I can't. :)


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Well, have a non-whateveryouwanttoplayin OS, choose whateveryouwanttoplayin language in steam, game is in your os language anyway.


[Expected behaviour]

Simply to be able to play in the language you want to amongst the ones supported by the game.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I did temporarily suceed in switching my game from french to english (but Steam disliked me deleting localization folders and quickly "repaired" my install...) And I noticed that a lot of the ui bugs I had in french, were not present in english. Such as lack of descriptions in skills or items.



I don't think those will help since it's not savegame dependant, but if you need one just ask.

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Hey Doenyon,


I read through your post and it seems you are trying to switch the games language through the Steam UI. Correct? I do not know what could be wrong with that option, but there is a way to switch languages in-game. If you go into the Options menu from the Front End. Then select Jeu (Game.) Next, the UI is missing some text in this menu but if you click on the box Francais in the bottom right of the menu the Language options will drop down. The Language will not change until you close the menu and save the changes.

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