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[BUG] Party facing wrong direction on area transition

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Tagged as 'Area', although I don't think it's a good fit. Anyway...




Upon going through an area transition, there are a number of times where the party will be facing the 'wrong' way, in that the front party members will be facing the transition with the back ones furthest into the new area. As if they all switched positions when going though. To clarify:


Party goes through a transition from area A to area B. Upon entering area b, you'd expect the party to be in their formation with the front guys furthest into area B and the back guys closest to the transition back to area A.




I've noticed this in a couple areas. To reproduce, just go through the transition from the Ogre cave to the body, then back into the Ogre cave. When you get into the cave, your back-row squishies will be furthest in and closest to the danger (spiders).


Noticed it as well when transitioning from Dyrford Village to Dyrford Crossing (Once again, your squishies are closest to the beetles when you arrive at Dyrford Crossing).


Also noticed it upon transitioning from Dyrford Village to the Gorge area (where the lions are).




I would expect that when the party goes through a transition in a specific group order that they'd be in that order - facing into the new area -  when they arrive.

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