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Combat animations

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I've linked a few times in my posts several options they could very quickly and easily use to improve their animations quite a lot, but I doubt thing's change much between now and when this ships. I'm hopeful though. At the very least, I'm hoping they give access to the files so we can mod them later. I'm honestly pretty underwhelmed by the lack of strong poses, lack of anticipation or follow through in combat. There just doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency in most of the attacks. Other than the animation is super fast. I think it frustrates me most especially when it's clear how much the assets share the same rigs and animations. I wonder what those guys have been doing for the past yr, and what's holding them back? I've watched folks do much better animations in minutes using the same tools than what they've certainly spent many hours on. If they haven't spent much time on it, it seems like most the standard animations look like the stock ones on the unity store that are either free or ship with the engine. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm flaming or trolling. That's not my intent, I was just disapointed for many of the same reasons you posted about, and when combat is such a big part of the game. I hope things really turn around!

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