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Bug: Combat state never ends after runing away from enemies




After running away from battle, combat state never finishes so that party can rest, leave area, save, etc.


Steps to reproduce:

1-Start new game.

2- Travel to Stormwall Gorge

3- Activate scouting mode.

4- Bypass lions with BB wizard.

5- Get near Pwgra so that it starts looking for you. Only "activate" one Pwgra so that you can get away.

6- As soon as it is close enough to attack you, run away fast enough that it cannot chase you.

7- Go back next to party.

8- Wait to see if Pwgra follows. If it doesn't, continue to wait.

9- It will never leave combat state.


What it should do:

After a reasonable amount of time, the combat state should end. Pwgra should return to beginning position.


I can't send save file, because it won't let me save. Please let me know if you need any other documents. DXDiag can be found in my signature.

My blog is where I'm keeping a record of all of my suggestions and bug mentions.

http://hormalakh.blogspot.com/  UPDATED 9/26/2014

My DXdiag:


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