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Cipher Feedback


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A thread for discussing the Cipher class

In my opinion thee Cipher seems very clunky to play, very similar to a wizard, and you don't feel the element of always attacking a soul. The Focus building feel more like an enforcement than fun and sticks out a lot in this game as something that would belong more in an arpg or mmo.


It seems strange for the cipher that focus is saved between fights and even rests. That is one focused dude.


2 ideas for changes to the class:

- Make the Cipher auto-target his original target / last attacked.
Quicker and more intuitive gameplay, where you feel the Cipher attacking and weakening the defences of a character to focus on him and then launching an attack on his very soul. Either to hurt those behind him / around him. This could then mean removing the allied target spells, or just have it work like this for non-allied targetting

- Remove Focus.
Instead have the Ciphers abilities be based around a stat of the target derived from the targets resolve, either the resolve itself is attacked by the soul whip or concentration is, or a new "will defence" stat that is related to resolve is attacked. Then the Ciphers abilities could either have a chance to % fail based on how the targets stat is, or it would just have a hard limit of that stat. So that when the stat of the target is at 0 the cipher can cast Puppetmaster. This would of course need feedback as to which abilities are castable. The Cipher could then at the start of battle, almost instantly use some powers on weakminded enemies, whereas tougher souls would need some softening.

These changes would make the Ciphers very unique and reminiscent of the elvish and orlan brîshalgwin warriors that cut away the souls of their victims. Also they would be a bit less high maintenance. For me this sounds like a fun gameplay, that could be easier to understand and would fit the Lore more.

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