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Continue Button and Load Game UI



How is working the Continue Button?


I choose Continue tonight expecting the game to load my latest save from yesterday night but it did select another game from an earlier Character.

From the first character created still with save actually.


So I have opened the Load Game window and there is this small transparency bug when you have too many save that appears.



[edit]: One other thing, the saves are sorted by name of the zone and ascending time. I would suggest to sort them by descending time only. 

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Hello RezoApio,


The continue button currently is loading the oldest save you have instead of the newest. This is a bug and will be fixed soon.


The saved games being visible above and below the save/load UI is a known issue and should be resolved as we continue to polish the game.




As for the saved games. I will look further into the issue. The saves are (I believe) intended to be sorted with the most recent save at the top and the oldest at the bottom. With no other elements playing into their order. Though it is possible that this could change.


Thank you for your feedback and please continue to enjoy the beta!  :grin:

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