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Quest (or Quest Items) Bugged - Cannot Complete



[Description of the issue]

I have yet to be able to turn in a quest in any playthrough.  I simply never get the conversation option to turn something in.  I have attached links to several saved games on my public dropbox as I am not allowed to upload .savegame files to this site (because that makes sense)


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


Cannot turn in Dragon Eggs: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20turn%20in%20dragon%20egg/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordVillage%207718823.savegame

1) Load the savegame

2) Talk to the potion seller and note you can't turn in the quest

3) Note that the egg is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I got the egg

4) Ponder. Fix. Profit.


Cannot turn in Ogre Head: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20turn%20in%20ogre/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordVillage%207773548.savegame

1) Load the savegame

2) Talk to the farmer and try to turn in the ogre head.

3) Note that the head is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I killed him

4) Ponder. Fix. Profit.


Cannot use skull key in statue: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20use%20skull%20key/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordCrossing%207797228.savegame

1) Load the savegame

2) Attempt to use the skull key on the statue in the crossing (I assume this is where it's supposed to be used given the skull motif)

3) Note that the key is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I found the associated note

4) Ponder. Fix. Profit.


[Expected behaviour]

That I be able to turn in the various quests.


[Other remarks / Comments]

As noted, I have NEVER been able to turn in a quest.  See for instance my other post about a previous time the ogre head didn't work (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67481-ogre-head-not-recognizeddisappears/).  Also, in all those savegame files I attached (which are frome the same playthorugh), I have been unable to complete the Cat and Mouse quest, despite having warned the thief and killed the person pursuing her.  But then I was never able to find her again so maybe I can only turn it in once I do?


Every game I play is on Path of the Damned.


I did have to load the game at least once before any of these saved games as all my characters got randomly gibbed by a single wood beetle and its poison somehow.  So it could be related to loads.  But I did all my loading after full client restarts I'm pretty sure given the lose quests when loading from in game bug.



All files linked above as cannot upload savegame files directly.

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