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Character stuck after combat



Hi, while fighting the elf medreth, I think I used the priest to cast stasis shield, or something which protects a character and lets them regain stamina. after the combat was over, the character was stuck and could not move. I was able to move the rest of the party around, and even went into some buildings and the stuck character appeared inside, but could not move. I can't remember if the character was knocked out just when the spell was cast, or survived and then got stuck afterwards.


Also during and after combat, characters can get stuck and not attack. My BB fighter would stand still and be attacked, I could order him to move around but he still would not attack and then got knocked out, along with my BB priest. Then when the combat was over, they both got back up but were stuck in some kind getting hit or getting back up animation, it looked like they were repeatedly trying to throw up... I could move the rest of my party but this time I could not transit out of a building or cave.



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