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Update Request: QA Insight from QA team

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So, now that we are bugtesting and looking for bugs, how does it look on your end? What sort of interface are you faced with during your work process? How do you process beta testers posts on the forum and how do you translate it to a solution/QA report for the designers?

What's easiest for you, and how can we help in the best possible way to make your job easier? :)

Updates gets most attention over time, and I believe the process of presenting bug reports to you will become much better.



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The day the beta went out, everyone on the team still had a sizable list of issues and improvements to work on, half of which you guys have already pointed out. The leads and QA will go through suggestions and bugs and write up anything new that you guys have found that we want to address. QA specifically will attempt to reproduce new bugs mentioned and write up a more detailed issue for the proper team member to work on.


Once we have a noticeable amount of improvements in and we have ensured that the build is in a releasable condition, an update will be pushed. There are no hard dates planned for that but, more than likely you can expect an update every few weeks or so, at least early on.

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Alright yes I read that. I'm not stressing an update by the way, it's a suggestion for a future update, to hear from the QA team and what they prefer in their own work-flow so that we can aid in the best possible way.

Kind of like the Dev Team Updates we've gotten, but instead a QA Team Update.

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