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Another touch on Attributes - Cipher power comparison


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This is true. The scaling of might doesnt make it necessary for a character to contribute to combat. You can be just fine with a low might value and dealing slightly less damage. Its more a problem of which stat to go for instead. If you want your character to be at maximum combat efficiency you need to max might. There is no other stat that achieves this. Im starting to think that might should actually not effect damage scaling at all. Its enough if it gives you stamina and resolves some dialogue and script options.

That would maybe even the feeling of needing this stat maxed.


The only thing Might does is make your hits do more damage (or healing). It doesn't increase how often you hit things, it doesn't make you hit in a larger area, it doesn't make you DoT/buff/debuff last longer, it doesn't protect you against interrupts, it doesn't help you interrupt enemies. High Might is useless if your accuracy sucks and you can't hit anything. High Might is useless if you get interrupted by every hit you receive.


The attributes define what kind of role the character is going to have in the party along with his class. A support Priest will want Intellect and Resolve because his buff/debuff last longer, can affect more people at the same time and he doesn't get interrupted too much. A healing Priest might prefer Might to get better healing spells. A melee Priest might want Might and Dexterity to hit things hard. An Interrupt focused Priest will focus on Perception and Dexterity.

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