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Paladin is unable to move unless Zealot Charge is activated



Description of the issue:
-My main paladin character is unable to move unless his Zealot Charge ability is activated. The rest of the party can move freely with or without that ability activated, but my main character is stuck on the ground. When ZC is activated, however, the rest of the party moves faster than he does. In other words, he's either stuck (ZC turned off) or moving slowly (ZC turned on).


How to reproduce the issue:
1) Load the attached savegame
2) Try to move your selected party without Zealot Charge
3) Notice how the main character is stuck
4) Toggle Zealot Charge on and try to move the entire party.
5) Now it moves.


Expected behavior:
-Main character should move normally without ZC activated, and move faster with ZC activated, like the rest of the party does.


Other comments:
-This wasn't the case from the start. Happened randomly after loading my save after booting the game and hasn't stopped since.
-If this isn't a bug and it's just me being absolutely dumb... well, I'm deeply sorry :(
-I tried to attach the saved game and didn't let me ("you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"), so I provide you with a dropbox link to the same file. I hope this isn't forbidden (and I'm just doing it 'cause, again, I was unable to attach it normally) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36334833/197d2f48607c47ee90556b7cfd4a3754%20DyrfordCrossing%207690114.savegame

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Thank you for your postings. We are aware of this issue and it seems to be caused by having Zealous Charge active while saving the game. Turning the effect off, as Smilge said, and saving then loading should be a temporary fix for the issue.


We should have this issue resolved in a future update.


Thank you for your support and feedback during the beta!  :lol:

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