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Pros and Cons of Pillars Beta



Well, I just spent a couple os days playing and replaying the beta and I have a list of good and bad things about it, and believe me Im a huge fan BG  seires, ID series and RPGs and I was waiting for this game for a loooong time!




        1° - The Mage and Cleric spell system. Very well done and very easy to navigate.


        2° - The "new" abilities to the "warrior" types. Barbarian, Fighters and Pallies are really fun to play (and doesnt feel like a stationary wall anymore in the fights).


        3° - The quests micro scenes (cutscenes) are very cool, and the discription of what people are doing in the middle of the conversation really kicks a**!! The new dialog system is amazing too.


        4° - The stash thing when you are resting, Amazing ideia, if you are feeling too full of things you just rest and put your things into the stash!! 


        5° - The highlights of doors, and texts that you already use turns grey. 


        6° - The new stalth mode. Not as good as the Original Sin one, but way better than the older.


        7° - Cyphers and Bards kicks a**es!! 


        8° - The flexibility of weapons and armor in the game rocks. Always wanted to have a plate mage, with sword and shield.  


        9° - Firearms! Ultima VII nostalgia here!! 


       10° - The bestiary!! 


       11° - The journal logs are way better than the old games. 


       12° - Enemies making routes rather than just standing still. This is very cool especially in the open doors. 




        1° - The Stamina and Health system. Its very cool to heal stamina fast but having to rest everytime you want to regenerate health is really a pain. This system is just dumb.


        2° - You have to buy camping suplies to rest. Again, not a problem to rest often, but having to spend money to do that sucks. It is cool to do that if you want to put something in the stash, but you must do that to regen your health, so its really annoying to go to the town and back etc... 


        3° - The bag space in the chars are really small. 


        4° - Enemies doesnt show their health bars just their status. (or at least I couldnt find an option to turn this on) But it seems that this is just like BG 1 and etc... 


        5° - The weapon damage system. This slashing, blunt etc... type of damage resistance is useless. Ok, you have that in the old infinite games, but is not the kind of thing (in my opinion) that adds to the game in melee combat strategy. It is already unfair that the melee classes have way lower mobility in isometric games, and this make the thing even worse.


       6° - The ranger sharing life, the monk and rogue combat system, and the fighter been just a tank doesnt feel right for me too. Again is just my opinion, but this role thing, of been a tank class, a damage dealer etc... it just doesnt fit in isometric games. 



Other than that this game was really everything I was expecting. Apologies for my weak english, and I hope someone here agrees with me. Thx for reading this long post! 


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Hi Daminelli, 


Thanks for the feedback! It's awesome and we love to hear it. Unfortunately this is the section for reporting bugs in the Backer Beta. Feel free to post thoughts and discussions over at: http://forums.obsidian.net/forum/100-backer-beta-discussion/


Thanks again for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!

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- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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