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Bugs Bugs Bugs Aelys



Slight mission spoilers for those who might look at this.  If you care about those stop reading.





So I am not sure if it is my choices that caused this but here is the skinny.


When confronting Wyrmond I choose to basically mind blast Aelys to remove the influence of the blood.  During the ensuing fight I went out of my way to make sure Aelys took no damage despite not running away and being marked as hostile for some reason.  When the fight was over though.... she just stood there.  I tried talking to her, she didn't respond.  It is worth noting I was not on a quest here, I found the dungeon while poking around in the tanners and cleared it out without ever being given a clear "objective" to justify being there.


Key issues:


I am assuming she is supposed to have some kind of dialog after the fight?  She didn't.


I go to the inn to talk to her uncle and choose to kill him for his misdeeds.  Problem: I never spoke to him before going in, and apparently his death and her just standing there isn't good enough to be counted as fulfilling an "objective" so despite clearing the whole level, saving her, and taking down all the baddies (Wyrmond and Halrond) I got absolutely 0 EXP for my efforts.


Pretty sure that isn't intended.

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