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[Bug/UI] Getting stuck in inventory screen 'holding' objects



I can't get out of the inventory screen and I'm stuck with my cursor holding onto an object.



I opened my inventory to check/compare loot and to put stuff in my stash. I was fiddling around looking at things for different people, trying to stack objects and move things around. Somehow I've managed to close the stash, have the inventory screen still open and have an object (a hood, nothing fancy) stuck on the cursor. I can't open the stash again as I'm still 'holding' the hood. I can't place it in a party member's inventory as it says 'you must be in a rest area to access that slot'.


Pressing the escape key does nothing, neither does right clicking anywhere, left clicking outside of the inventory screen or pressing any other keys.



I managed to 'drop' the object by right clicking (i think, may have been left clicking) on the primary colour square of my character, which somehow changed the object from a hood to a blunderbuss. I was then able to place the blunderbuss into a party member's inventory. My character is a godlike which can't equip items on the head so I wasn't able to just equip it and move on.



Any time using the inventory, right clicking at any screen or time will 'cancel' whatever you are doing and take you back to the inventory screen.

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Here is how to recreate the issue, as well as a way out of the screen if you are impacted by this issue:


1) Open Inventory Screen (NOT IN A REST AREA)

2) Open Stash

3) Select an item stored in the Stash such as a weapon.  You will be unable to equip the item or move it to your slots (expected behavior)

4) With the item still selected (ie, the mouse pointer looks like the item), hit ESC on your keyboard.  This will close the Stash window.  The item however will still be selected, causing issues.

5) You are now unable to close the inventory window by pressing ESC or by clicking in the X icon.  You also are also unable to click on most items on the inventory window.  You are unable to re-open the Stash window while the item is selected, meaning you cannot un-select it.

6) You can clear the Stash item selection by clicking on the 3d Character Model displayed, which will normally change your selection to their armor or other item.  This is how I eventually got out of the screen without restarting.


Suggested Behaviour


ESC should clear a selected item out before closing out a window.  This would resolve this issue, and in my opinion, be intuitive.


ESC Order of Priority on Inventory Screen:


- ESC - Clear Selected Item

-- ESC - Close STASH window

--- ESC - Close Inventory Window

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