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frontliners, rangers and resting


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I think the problem is that often melee characters run out of health much quicker than casters run out of spells.


It's possible, but I suspect there's a degree of balance/tradeoff here though.


What I mean is, if your fighters are running out of health so much more quickly than others are running out of per-day spells then maybe that's because you're not using your big per-day abilities enough :). In other words, if you used those powerful abilities in every fight, they would end much sooner and your fighters would not be soaking damage for as long.


I suspect there's some balance here where if you save up all your powerful abilities, your fights will take a long time as you whittle things down, and so your melee will take a lot of damage and need to rest. Whereas if you blow your load of spells more often you'll end fights quickly and have plenty of health left but need to rest to regain abilities.

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I think part of the challenge of the game is managing your health so that your fighter isn't the only one absorbing all of the blows. I've been getting BB Priest in on the action, and as a Ranger I really enjoyed having a free melee character for my front line as well. It's also a good reason to set BB Rogue to melee mode (in addition to the fact that melee characters seem to not donk out like ranged ones).


I super-conserve spells too, so the fact that I can get pretty far on Normal shows that this problem can be overcome.


It would still be nice to see Constitution increase Health at a higher rate than it increases Stamina though.

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I'm actually not having any problems here. My first playthrough was on normal difficulty with my PC being a fighter. I was able to leave town, clear the the cave, defeat the ogre, and return to town without having to rest even once. I took the same path that Adam did in the gamescom streams. Both of my fighters had over 50% health remaining.

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Health / stamina is maybe typical over-engineering of original problem in AD&A


1/ In AD&A the problem was that spellcasters runs of spells and need to rest. So people have a choose of not using spells in combat and wait or Rest after each encounter. 

2/ The problem was fixed with at-will and per-encounter spells mostly and limited resting.

3/ However they does not stop here, but they implemented health/stamina system and now you are forced to rest because of melee characters. (brilliant !!)


-- which btw means that best front-line character is:

1/ Ranger with bear, where your bear animal companion is for tanking....(you have effectively 2x more health in long run) 

2/ Barbarian heavy constitution build, because of 1/8 damage ratio.


And the worst front-line character is:

1/ Fighter : The fighter ability to tank multiple opponents means that when you use that kind of approach, you will loose health super fast and your will have to REST just because of this one character.


Remember that best long term party strategy is:

Minimize/Avoid health damage to characters.

Spread health damage across all party members to avoid need of resting.


And this goes directly against Fighter strategy to tank multiple enemies for all other weak party members. (that is really funny)


However this does not matter at all, because the first thing i am gonna do when PoE is released:

modding the game to increase health on all classes by 10x times. (no change in stamina). This way i can avoid the need for resting because of low health and just play game.

And rest when my party runs-off per-rest abilities.

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