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Text rendering



I've come across a few issues with text rendering. Two of them can be seen in the 'item info' screenshot:


First, the fancy initial capital isn't drawn in the right place, causing it to overlap the text.


Second, all of the text (seemingly everywhere in game, not just item descriptions as in the screenshot) is very blurred. It looks kind of like it was rendered to a texture at a lower resolution and then scaled up. After a while it starts to get very tiring on the eyes.


(This part incorrect, see edit)

Third, so far as I can tell, the text size slider doesn't currently affect anything. I'm not sure if it's supposed to, or if it's not yet implemented, but the text seems so large that I wonder if the blurriness is actually because it's being displayed at twice the intended size. This is particularly the case in the dialogue screen.


It may or may not be relevant, but I play at 2560x1600.


Edit: Correction, the text size slider does work, sorry. It's just that the range of sizes is narrow enough that I didn't notice the difference at first without seeing them next to each other. The first bug seems to present itself when the text size is set to less than 100%.


I feel like this was designed to be played from a large distance, as at 100% the dialogue text is actually bigger than most console games, where text is expected to be read from the sofa.


Further edit: This forum software seems to scale down images? The originals were far larger than they've come out in the post.




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Waywocket: Indeed!

Loading screens with that big-anfang ”L” are behaving erratically. Some look normal, with a huge ”L” followed by ”LOADING…” in the same font size. But others have their ”OADING”-part with varied font sizes per letter.

-Also, varying font sizes seem to be intentional, for instance in the ”CONTINUE” button on the bottom of a convo window, or if you press ”ESC” and watches the UI options in the save screen. After having played for a few hours, those varying font sizes may appear anywhere, and I now doubt they are intentional! Personally, I don’t like it.

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Okay, after some experimenting with different window sizes I think I know what's going on:


It appears that if you pick a resolution higher than 1920x1080, the game will upscale many of its UI elements, for some reason. Note that that doesn't mean higher resolution assets will be used, just that the textures are stretched. This leaves most UI items looking over-large and badly blurred or somewhat distorted by the scaling.


In fact, it also affects most images, which I was initially assuming were unfinished assets but I now see actually look fine at lower resolutions.

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