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Dissappearing Options Button Labels



The buttons labels for the various options menus (graphics/audio/etc.) dissappear when you click on a particular option. This bug doesn't happen in game; just at the main menu.


How to get this bug:


1. Start game

2. Click on options in Main Menu

3. Click the button for a particular menu (graphics for example)

4. Watch labels dissappear



Core i7 3770

Windows 7 Home Edition

MSI Radeon 7850 OC 2GB Twin Frozr

Catalyst 14.4 Drivers


Screenshot of the problem:


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There's probably no point reporting any system specs, this certainly affects everyone equally. There are precious few possible bugs where basic hardware specs like CPU, RAM or video card would matter. It's much more important to give a precise list of steps to reproduce the issue (note that this was well done by the OP). Just some general tips.

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