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 Hey, new to the forums, so I thought I'd try my first post by asking: what is the possibility of having module support. To specify, I mean both fan made and official modules like in NWN and Shadowrun. I know there is already an expansion being talked about, so I guess this just sort of a suggestion more than anything. I think Pillars of Eternity would be perfect for the adventure by adventure expansion type format.

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So we're hopeful on modding but it won't be NWN style with an easy to use modding program.

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The possibility of creating persistent worlds is zero.  There is no multiplayer support in this game at all.


As I'm sure you'll feel obliged to make numerious posts indicating how totally unreasonable it is that a game would be designed and built in 2014 that doesn't include co-op multiplayer support, because it is so easy to include, and that there is absolutely no reason (or even a remote possibility) that including a co-op multiplayer component would have any effect at all on the single player game, please register you complaint in the existing thread:




To explicitly answer the OP:  Obsidian will provide technical documentation (& perhaps, some internally developed tools / plug-ins) to simplify the process by which developers (who happen to be fans of this game) could build tools that others could use to mod the game.  Obsidian has pretty clearly indicated that they do no plan to provide an integrated mod toolkit either at the release or post-release.

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Well ... what else can I say I am deeply disappointed. The worst spent $ 100, but it's my fault for not having reported before. I do not understand how people Obsidian taking NWN 2 behind do not know what interests people most of these games is that you can just create your persistent world. Must await anyone ever dares to develop NWN 3 ...

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Persistant worlds with this engine? Never! Technically this 2d / 3d stuff is more time consuming to do as just real 3d and let the engine do the lighting and shadows for you. Anyone remember how long you worked on a "good" half life map? Or how long it takes to create a good custom tileset in NWN and try to keep every other detail in the same style? That is so much work and we dont even have a basic library of objects to start with, just nothing as 2d art that looks so amazing already that you cant just recreate in your freetime without working on it 3 to 4 hours a day for ... no. I bet no one is gonna do any new custom area that will fit in PoE later on. Thats just my honest oppinion as someone who is not unexperienced in that stuff and wishfull thinking never helped me.


Online modules work not in every environment. Even people mod for BG in these days i only saw a handfull custom made areas and once i looked at the scripting stuff i thought well... forget it!


NWN and NWN2 are the ONLY games you need for this. Be creative and work with the limitations you have and accept the challenge with aurora! Because what people have done with NWN no one seems to see. They just want this and that game to support mods and in the end all of them just went bleh... never to be heard of again. The witcher devs provided everything and what happenend? right... next to nothing but all wanted it so badly and dreamed of new castles and images in their brain...yes an image in a brain is worth nothing if people just talk.

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