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Add one more for concept art in loading screens. I feel that the area concept artworks that we've seen so far are amazing and it would be sad if no player would be able to see them without doing interwebs research.

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Another one for Concept Art here. Adds a nice little introduction to the area as you're waiting to enter it.


Also, hopefully having some small texts on the screen as well. Whether general lore, little "reminders" or what your next task in the main quest is or gameplay hints. It's all good.

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A lot of the actual concept art probably isn't up to being shown off like that. Ever since the earlier art updates they've been pretty careful about which concepts to show, as some of them are a lot simpler (to save time, as the concept artists have a LOT of work to do).


Pretty sure they've only got two of them on the project as well. 

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I can't believe nobody else has made the comparison:

I made that exact comparison in the OP of the thread ...


Personally I think the Baldur's Gate style would be really cool, but that's being used for Scripted Interactions anyway

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