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It seems that i have some weird glitches with my game - but with some specific steps completed.

I'll break them down :



  • Seems that if you enter the cinema, take a while ( for example the first time you stay and break all chairs ) then exit - and pass in front of the cashier - the graphics turn to weird glitches ( as i saw posted before ).
  • But this seems to be the only way to trigger this - and it's every time ( 3rd play-through ). And i haven't encounter this anywhere else.
  • Only way to 'fix' this is either loading an area, or restarting the game



  • Begin while you're in a cutscene - pause - and alt-tab out of the game - do something ( not just alt-tab lightning speed Bruce Lee attack xD )
  • Return to the game and unpause it ; and you'll notice that characters begin to flicker - even completely disappear
  • Again, reloading area/game seems to fix this


Crash - rare / random

  • Random - rare - crash issue after the defects above have occurred, but i think that multiple alt-tabs (in a normal way) do break the game.
  • This happened to me , twice, once after i hit Exit Game ( crashing on desktop ) and other in-game.


MINOR (more a question)

  • I've noticed that Windows 7 schema turns to basic every time i run this game. And i think this might be the cause of some of the issues
  • Is this intended or does it link with system config ?


Here are my specs - laptop ! :

  • CPU : Intel i3-2330M
  • RAM : 6GB DDR3
  • GPU : Nvidia Optimus 540M - 2GB ( latest drivers ; also running on this and not Intel )
  • OS : Windows 7 x64 ( fully updated )
  • Play resolutions : 1366x768 ; 1920x1080


I ain't bothered by some of the above, this is more of a heads-up thing. Also wondering if crashing/windows scheme is from my end or if it occurs to most people.


Have a great day!



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