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Shipping restriction are ridiculous


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I bought South Park grand wizard edition from Amazon.  Amazon was having restriction to not ship it to Canada.  this is ridiculous because it only cost more to ship it to the states and reshiip it to Canada. This is the same box that is sold in Canada. Some companies are trying to do price gouging but it was not even the case for this game. If I would have been able to order it in Canada it would have cost me about the same price. This is not nuclear warhead to you shipped to Iran it is a computer game. Putting restriction not to ship it make absolutely no sense.


It costed me more than 50% more to buy it because you pur restriction in the sales and I still have not received my game because it has not been received yet to the first address and it will have to be reshipped after.


The people that bought collectors edition are probably some of you best customers but they have more problems that someone that just bought the download edition and is already playing the game . You could have least had  provided a download option with a code until we receive the box.

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Your concerns should be addressed to Amazon, or perhaps better yet, the Canadian government. Obsidian has no control over how you obtain the game or the shipping policies of the various retailers that sell it.


It's quite normal for a U.S. company such as Amazon to have restrictions on international shipping due to cost and tax issues among other things, but it's usually costs and tax issues. From experience dealing with shipping things to and from Canada in the past, it's likely a tax issue for Amazon. Canadian taxes and restrictions on items coming over it's border can be downright ridiculous, and as a result many companies don't even bother. There is an Amazon.ca is there not? If the price is a lot higher up there it's more than likely due to the taxes the Canadian government has seen fit to place on the items being shipped from the U.S. to be sold up there. As I said, 'ridiculous' is the operative word to describe some of their tax policies on items coming over their border.


That said, a download option for collector's edition buyers isn't a bad idea, but perhaps the logistics of it aren't all that feasible.

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Actually it probably is Ubisoft. Amazon are happy to ship anywhere regardless of tax/customs issues, because that's none of their business - it's something purely between the customer and their country's customs.


Generally when Amazon won't ship something it's because either:

a) They don't export items of that category at all, e.g. food.

b) The supplier for a particular item has prevented it, e.g. some brands of watches.


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i'll be blunt

i would blame myself in your case. if the game costs on amazon the same more or less as it costs at a local store, why order it from amazon in the first place? and im pretty sure that amazon informed you about the shiping restriction before you made the order

you had all the info to know that it would be a frustratingly long and probably costly procedure to get the game from amazon and you did it anyway. blaming them or anybody else will not make it any less your mistake.

could they offer a better service? yes! could somebody make it easier for them to lift restrictions? probably yes! but until then, you know what you get yourself into when you order from amazon. if you still do, it's your problem

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Amazon.ca would have it for 64.99 with free shipping, Amazon.com would have it for 59.99 plus $5 shipping, plus $10 customs deposit. Just buy it from .ca and save some money.


Edit: for the regular edition that is. Turns out Amazon.ca doesn't carry the grand wizard edition. But Futureshop.ca does, 84.99 with free shipping.

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