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Which ones would you recommend overall?



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I definitely pick up "Second Wind" as soon as I can during my playthroughs. It makes it so you revive at full health when using a revive potion. I also like "Apprentice" and "Growing Boy", which adds +20% PP and +20% HP, respectively. "Let it Slide", "Mauler", and "Sucker Punch" are also good ones to consider.




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Eh, I really think you need to pick a class and decide on a play-style before making a choice here.


Here are the perks I take for my figher:


Bloodlust (I apply a bleeding mod to whichever bow I'm using and I take 3 ranks of Bull Rush)

Pyromanic (I either apply a fire mod to my bow or use bow that already have fire damage)

Dirty Fighting (combos well with some "magic" attacks, as well as Roshambo with 3 ranks)

Marksman (extra ranged damage)

Mauler (extra melee damage)

Necessary Roughness (synergizes with "magic" attacks, as well as Assault and Battery with 2 ranks)

Fart of War (for magic/weapon combos)

All Out of Bubble Gum (a "must have" for fighters, since you can use any potion at the start of each round - x2 Attack Up with the protein powder stuff)

Sucker Punch (first attack does extra damage = no brainer)

Growing Boy (extra health is a good thing).


Obviously, I'd probably want different perks if I was playing a different character, or if I used different weapons, built my fighter using a different ability distribution, etc.


I hope that helps.

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