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Time For New Passwords: Kickstarter Hacked

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For those of you with a lot of website identities, it might be worth checking into something like Lastpass, especially if you find yourself using identical usernames and passwords for multiple sites.



-generate randomized strong passwords unique for each website

-multifactor authentication (get a premium account and a yubikey, it's worth it)

-plugin integration into all of the major browsers

-mobile device support

-account analyses and hardening tips


Possible Cons:

-cloud storage of sensitive data

-Using it without multifactor authentication might leave your account vulnerable?

-can be kind of clunky to use when you don't have admin rights to install a plugin


I'm not employed by Lastpass or affiliated in any way, but I've been a very happy customer for about a year and I'd recommend it to anybody, particularly if you use the plugin with a multifactor authentication scheme.


Food for thought.

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I've been using Lastpass, if you have a lot of websites that have usernames and passwords like me (I had over 50) it can take awhile to setup, but in the long run it streamlines things quite a bit and makes your passwords more secure and much easier to manage.


I like it.

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