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In the field of animancy, which focuses on the study of souls, researchers wondered for centuries if they could develop a discipline or technology that would allow people to connect with the soul of another living thing -- not just reach or strike out toward it. Wizards and priests had developed abilities to overwhelm or inspire the mind, but not to connect with it.

So compared to BG animancers are like Mages and Wizards like sorcerers? In the sense that Mages suppose to be the masters of arcane knowledge. There was many schools of magic, ways to tap it and innate abilities, but overall being a mage is about pursuit of arcane knowledge. So Wizards aren't the master of arcane, they are just a subset of soul magic, they are people with some innate ability, who learned how to trap soul magic in one way.

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Ectopsychic Echo - The cipher and an ally generate a bolt of psychic energy that periodically rebounds between them, causing Crush damage to anyone caught in the area (attacks Reflexes).



Can the Cipher use a Ranger's animal companion instead of the Ranger as the link for the rebounding bolt?


Would it be possible to add some additional detail on the frequency of use for the Cipher class abilities? 

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