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This was dumb...wasn't it.

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I already have a copy I play at home.  However I travel...AND...I bring my PS3 with me.  I saw DS3 for sale for 7.75...at that price...I said...why not.  So I got an extra disc to take with me on my travels.  I already have a copy...getting another copy just so I could play it when travelling...


Yes...I suppose it was stupid of me looking back.  People will look and say...why the heck did you get two copies...just bring your original with you.


But, stupidly I don't want to chance loosing a copy (those baggage handlers and security folks, you know how you seem to lose something everytime they shuffle through your pack)...so I got an extra copy just for travelling.


Oh well...dumb of me I guess...but it WAS only 7.75 for the second copy.  Too good to pass up for a travel copy for me.


Anyone else occasionally pick up second copies?

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I've only done so on Steam with older games, (or games I purchased that were not originally on Steam...such as Neverwinter Nights 2).

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Well, I bought Bioshock 3 times.

First, a collector edition before I realized my graphic card was too old and I would need to buy a new computer before I run the game. Sold.

Second, normal edition when I got a new computer.

Third when I bought a collector edition, again, for 20 mere bucks.

It felt stupid, yup, but it happened over the course of 3 years and I spent as much as what the first collector edition cost me so...

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I've bought multiple copies - I actually think I had 3 or 4 of Planescape: Torment but not at one time (because I gave my game away to friends who I thought would like it and then bought myself another copy).


I do have two copies of some games because I got the "Game of the Year" type version (Fallout 3, Morrowind, Dragon Age: Origins, Age of Mythology, etc.)


...and I've bought multiple copies of some games due to getting them in "retro" sets.


But I can't say I travel much with my games (so no need for a traveling copy).

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