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I am currently working my way through Icewind Dale, and after a bit of a bad start(I didn't care for the first two dungeons at all, and combat felt tedious), I am starting to like the game, and understand why it was hailed as such a great game.


My question is what would be a logical next step after I finish IWD? I am currently torn between Icewind Dale 2, ToEE or Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer.


I'm not sure if I can handle such an action oriented game after I finish the first Icewind Dale, so I might consider playing NWN2:MoB, or properly playing PS:T, as I haven't finished that one yet.


Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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Any reason why? is it the turn based element that turned you off, or the fact that it is(from what I've gathered) a pure dungeoncrawler?


I'm leaning towards MoTB now, as ever since playing Throne of Baal with Ascension and SCSII I grew quite fond of epic level campaigns, only issue I have with it is the engine(not a big fan of the NWN2 engine, aurora I believe it is?), there's just something about having hundreds of spells at your disposal that just feels quite awesome.

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I'd go with MotB or PST.

ToEE turned me off. I think there were loads of little reasons but the "Ach, sod this for a game of soldiers " moment was that the autosave when zoning wasn't before you zoned but after.

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PS:T hands down absolutely is the one you should play


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