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Torment: Tides of Numenera?


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I do give props to Colin for this tweet :)


I know Gaider didn't consider it a criticism either, but perhaps some of my time on BSN has me take "interactive movie" as too much of a pejorative.


Much easier to rally behind "Dragon Age and us do something different, and we want to leverage the advantages of our gamestyle to its fullest in a way that can be more challenging for Dragon Age."



I am always interested in whether people like Gaider and McComb really like each other. There must be loads of professional rivalry and even on a personal level I'm sure all these writers want to be known by the fans as the "best Fantasy RPG  writer ever". They all are so talented but sometimes I assume there style gets dictated to by a Publisher?



Who would accuse Gaider of being the best fantasy RPG writer ever?


Anyway, as a backer of the game, I'm wondering who here hasn't kicked and is man or woman enough to get us MCA before the Kickstarter ends.

>Obsidian is still relying on publisher contracts as its business model though while InXile decides to rely on Kickstarter. So I guess its pretty unlikely to merge.

That's not necessarily true, their last major product was published by Bethesda.



*points to the new South Park game.

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If Obsidian were to abandon publisher contracted work they would have to radically restructure the company, and probably lay off a whole lot of people. 

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