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Copy+Paste from here.


Felt it needed its own topic.

Recent changes.


Priest gets one ability and one level 1 spell. Sacred Circle and Recovery.


Fighter got two abilities and one passive. Defender and Surge for abilities and Melee Accuracy for a passive bonus.


Looks interesting :)



Sacred Circle: kind of like an aura "Bless". Is it channeled? Does the Priest need to enter "pray"-mode?


Recovery - Generic [HP] Spell. Stamina-spell. Takes more time than Surge and heals more?


Defender: I hope it could be used as an "obstacle" mechanically. So you could hold your Fighter with his shield up in a choke point and let archers and mages shoot arrows and throw spells over the Fighter. Perhaps I've got a Rogue laying traps and bait behind them.


Surge - see Recovery. Surge should reward less than Recovery.


Melee Accuracy: So there's going to be Ranged Accuracy for Rangers and possibly Rogues?


"In the current design" 8)

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