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More than the force...

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I'm not sure if there's any magic besides the Force, but opponents don't have to be full Jedi. They can be adept or sensitive, using some basic Force skills.


Either that or they can detect the player is strong with the Force etc making some interesting dialogue/situations. Hopefully the same goes for the player - in dialogue if the Jedi's sensitive, can detect NPCs that have potential etc.

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Good lord, please no! This is Star Wars, not Forgotten Realms! The Force is all that's needed, thankyouverymuch. Please don't turn this into another generic fantasy setting.


However, there are Force adepts that are not Sith or Jedi. The Witches of Dathomir is one such example, although I find the concept and execution of them quite laughable. There are also some non-intelligent animals that can counter or use the Force, such as the vornskr and ysalamiri of Myrkr.

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Ah yes, the wielders of the Real Ultimate Power in the universe! :ph34r:


Hopefully no ysalimir in KotOR2, though they could probably be used well in the game, I just find them a little too convenient the way they have been portrayed.

Vornskrs would be interesting with some good AI scripts I think, guess you can't really do that much though just because of the nature of the combat.

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Ritual undressing ?


The sight of it paralyses your opponent for the critical 10 seconds you need to rearrange their anatomy with your lightsaber ?


Otherwise, you're pretty much back to a pick between the supernatural and technology. Come to think of it, has any of the races or characters in any Star Wars game or movie ever exspressed some sort of faith ? :)

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Even the Force was overdone in Kotor. It was far too easy to gain powers. You should meet some other criteria than just level - make you earn them. I remember when force lightning was a special ability that only the emporer could do. Well, Lucas kinda ruined that with Dooku, but in Kotor even lowly Sith toss lightning around! That was cheap. Kotor2 should make them unique again, let's say by having some powers limited to a specific class, or requiring high stats - wisdom.. charisma, etc.

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