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Never umdereatimate a good rpg no matter where it comes from :)

Tbh im very tired of southpark myself and ive played their other games and they were all imo horrible.

BUT im actually for the first yime in my life looking forward to and cant wait for a southpark product. Not because its only southpark, no actually because it looks go have a great story, interesting characters, and im interested in the game mechanics.


If its a good rpg, im sure ita gonna bring in and cater to noy just the south park crowd. Imo if they do it rihht, im willing to bet that even peoe who dislike southpark will enjoy the game as well.

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I was about to say somethings fishy if its delayed a full year... I have a friend who works on the show, or he did a few seasons ago when I spoke to him last. He told me the team that makes the TV show is quite small, but they work crazy long hours, like 90 hrs a week for 17 weeks at a time for the whole season, then they have 6 months off and receive half of their salary while on break if they're returning the next season. If it's only a few month delay that's not so bad, but dang it seems like it's been in development for a long time. Maybe it's coming out on additional platforms?

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They updated the article. Now they just delayed it to two months I believe

a 2 month game delay is practically nothing in the grand scheme of things

None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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