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Arcanum and should PE use a stamina/endurace and rest/camp System.

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Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura it’s a game that I was not able to play when it came out, but I just bought it GoG and the idea of stamina/Endurance is awesome.

Personally I want a gameplay system that with the basic concept of stamina as main resource to take any action in the game.


A good amount of players love the idea of Realism; me, not that much, I prefer game that are in their core fun more that realistic because, lets face it, it’s a game and in the setting where souls are a source of power and taping into your past lives gives you powers and understanding of the past and who know what, and trying to compare that to our expectations from the real world its in my honest opinion nonsense.


But I do would like a single resource system for every action taken in the game like the real world and that’s Stamina/Endurance.


For example: A sprinter can run fast but cant run that much because he consumes all his stamina.

A boxer that is not shape and gets tired in the fight even if he's strong puncher he may lose the fight because with no stamina left you cant dodge, block, or even attack with all your power.


Same with the game world.


I want a system where while in combat you consume stamina for attacking and defending. Running long distances or map traveling non stop. Casting spells consumes stamina to tap into your soul for magical properties. (For example, lets say you need to memorize high level spells because they are hard and low levels spells you know by memory because you have used so often, but using those spells consume stamina depending on how strong they are the stronger the spell more they drain you). Using skills like a Warriors power blow or what ever you feel like it should exhaust you more.


All classes with different skills to modify the consumption or regaining stamina during combat with skills named something like battle rage, second wind, a monks mind over body. All kind of stuff comes to mind.


But with that in mind we need to say how to manage and restore stamina.

And I think by resting and eating sounds good. You have a stamina bar that has two parts one the Endurance that is you that is the stamina bar, and then you could add Fatigue and that could be a cap on your stamina, for example a traveling for 8 hours at walking speed could consume not mach stamina but accumulates fatigue so the more fatigue you have the less you stamina you could use for action skills like fighting, casting spells, etc. Making that even If you eat food to regain stamina you do not loose fatigue that can only ne lost with by resting. And with the Resting system they could add micromaging options. For example in the last X-Com game, I have fun planning what to research next and how to use my recourses could be add some fun elements to resting/camping.


For example when you camp, you could enter a screen to micromanage the resting.


With options for leveling up, you could select what new skill you want to learn in the future or in what area you want to apply yourself, instead of: Ah, I just leveled up. I'm gona pick a perk. Instead selecting a perk/skill what ever we think is cool and the experience is driven to learn that. Because that’s most what we do right, we apply ourselves you learn what we want to do, is not that we do stuff and magically o I good with swords now.

Also who should watch over the camp when resting for example letting a ranger could add bonuses so you don’t get ambushed when sleeping. Selecting companions to gather close by resources and also to craft or repair weapons and armors. Heal wounds.

Cooking, eating, and resting. For me that sounds logical.


In Conclusion you stamina dictates for how long can you play till your next rest and your next micromanage session of what should I do next. Not that you can’t do it anywhere else but it could be cool to be able to do it in that moment.

Also during the resting period there could be options to talk to your companions and strengthen the bonds. Ask about your quest log, like where we should go next, where is X place, And each comapanion having something diferent to add. And Stuff like that.



How about you guys? would you like a system like this, what would you chage, if there is resting/camping in the game what how would you like it to be implemented?

And why i posted Arcanum and never talked about it? well so you can flame me!

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