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Can we change the name of stamina to vitality please?

Should it be called vitality or stamina?  

146 members have voted

  1. 1. Vitality or stamina?

    • Vitality
    • Stamina
    • Neither
    • I don't care

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I have a slight preference for 'Stamina', but only because it rolls off the tongue easier (having more vowels and fewer syllables.) Vitality is used as a synonym of stamina, so I'm not seeing a significant issue.

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Frankly speaking, the gaming word stamina is so tied to the concept of non-magic resource for warrior or rouge abilities that it will only make confusion if it stayed.


I'd gladly prefer "fortitude" or even better "resilience".


As long as we agree stamina isn't a good term, I'm happy.



I don't agree. It just doesn't matter to me at all.

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