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Glad to hear it. The simply answer though, is where is slavery legal, and by the Paladin's code is it alright for slavery to persist. Especially if the slaves are being mistreated or abused beyond being indentured servants. But yeah, this is the sort of moral dilemma that can draw out what was meant to be a thirty minute encounter into a two session in-party debate :) I had a similair thing happen when a party I was with was debating capturing and dissecting/studying a troll (as they were at war with our home kingdom), and the ethics of it. Is it more ethical to stun a relatively non-sentient troll, and keep it alive but flayed for study, than a more intelligent one? Is it okay if you keep it numbed up? Does the common rock troll have the capacity to be mentally traumatized? If the total intelligence score of creatures saved as a result of this live autopsy would exceed a thousand times the intelligence score of the aforementioned rock troll, does that make it acceptable?

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