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Just got the book out of the library. Already I see a few things which don't add up in the KotOR games and book. What are your opinions and...is there a mention of Atton Rand in the book?

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I was disappointed with the book, to be honest. It had some interesting parts, but for the most part it seemed almost like Revan and the Exile were sacrificed, for lack of a better word, to hype up the new TOR MMO and set up those events, rather than actually conclude the Revan saga in a satisfactory way.


Going in, I was excited to read it because it was supposed to answer all the questions about Revan after the games. Now that I've read it, I don't like the answer to those questions.

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I finished reading the book on Saturday and have been trying to find a place to complain about it ever since. I should have thought of these boards sooner!


Not being a huge Revan fan, I found the way his story was handled to be pretty well done. They gave him some personality, delved into his relationship with Bastila and Canderous and told a decent story. Though... I've read just as good (and a lot more satisfying) fan fiction.


As far as the Exile goes, though... I wish they'd not bothered. She was a prop. She lacked personality, motivation or ANY sort of non-generic Jedi cookie cutter crap. About the most we get out of her personality wise is that she feels a little jealous that Bastila and Revan have something that she could never have with him. I could have dealt with her fate a lot better had she been fleshed out at all.

Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.

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