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The question of class


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  1. 1. Class and class-conflicts within the game?

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I think the best RPGs so far in topics like racism, class-struggles, social problems and uprising, persecution, massacers and pogroms, complex political alliances and intrigues and the evolution of a new social and political world order are the two Witcher games which strongly reflect Andrew Sapkowski's literary template. And without doubt Sapkowski's Witcher novels are some of the best books concerning fantasy which have been written in the last two decades, contentswise and literarily. It's a shame that the Witcher cycle about Ciri isn't fully published in English yet, but you shouldn't miss the short stories if you're even a little bit interested in that kind of stuff. If the storytelling in PE could hold to that level (and something like that is the goal I think because Obsidian want to address real mature topics) I would be perfectly satisfied! :)


I completely agree! :)

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