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  1. 1. Should companion characters be killable by the player?

    • Yes, at any time.
    • Yes, but only during specific conflict-driven scenes as part of the narrative.
    • No, companions should not be killable.

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Invincible characters are merely symptom of a bigger problem. That problem is the game's rules treating the PC differently from the other characters. We see this in asymmetrical combat mechanics. We see this in death mechanics. We see this manifest as plot armour. And sometimes this special treatment for the PC extends to the PC's companions.


And it needs to go away.


I respectfully disagree because then the game would almost end up like Skyrim, which is basically a world simulator.

WIthout the plot armor, I think there is a risk of weakening the overall story and narrative. It's not the most "realistic", but I would argue that a game isn't supposed to be realistic.


Skyrim's problems are not related to a lack of plot armor. Quite the opposite, the game gives plot armor to many plot related NPCs. Just look at all the plot/quest protected characters in this list.


Also, you can have a strong central story without plot essential characters to advance the plot. You can have books/journals, replacement NPCs, letters/messages, or even just stumbling upon what you need to find. And imo, failing the plot is not a bad feature itself. Not all characters are going to be able to play all their cards correctly.



All characters should be killable, if the player accidentally or deliberately kills someone absolutely essential to the plot then just pop up a 'game over' screen and make them reload from a quicksave.


That would kind of defeat the purpose of giving the player more freedom. Imo, at the most we should have a Morrowind style 'you broke the main plot, but you can keep playing if you want' message. And preferably no notification.

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