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A suggestion for the romances you're considering (if any)

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There is a report button. Just ask the mod who deletes this to cut the data and copy it on a cd, then burn(literally) the disk. :fdevil:


Unhappily, I'm afraid that only the ban-hammer will do the job, and I don't think that's an option in this case (realistically, people who donated to PE can't be banned from the forums... :)). I'd love to engage in a rational debate with the romance opponents -- I'm certainly willing to be convinced that romances would be bad for the games -- but they don't seem have any arguments beyond "Games in the past have included badly done romances -- therefore, including a romance in a game makes it bad" and "If romance is included in a game, it isn't a RPG but I'm not going to tell you what I think an RPG is, either."


Ah well, hopefully Oblivion will step in and settle this debate one way or the other soon.


Personally, I thought Gargantuan's argument was the best against romance in video games, whether it was their intent to argue against romance in video games or not -- although, I'd make the assumption that they were arguing against it. The part about trying to simulate emotions like those involved in romantic relationship within a video game is kind of creepy.

That would be my argument against it as well.

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realistically, people who donated to PE can't be banned from the forums... :)

I'd say that this is a fairly naive statement which the mods are going to prove wrong quite soon. Plus until the kickstarter is over noone actually donated anything.


True enough, and I hope your right.

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I don't know that any calls for civility can salvage the thread at this time. So I am closing it. The subject is free to restart in a new thread in its own time.


I'm noticing a pattern with the participants and would like to reiterate that if something about the topic makes it difficult for you to be respectful, then leave the topic.

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