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Any chance of pure turn-based combat?

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Yeah, the encounters could've been better, especially in the later parts of the game. But like you've said, the system was really amazing. If done properly, it'd be a real treat.


I wouldn't dare dispute that. But I think that at this stage of the campaign, changing the scope would be unwise. Using both systems would be even worse.

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I had no idea anyone believed Temple of Elemental Evil to be such a paragon of combat. From my (admittedly mostly forgotten) memories, it was OK... but compared to something like Baldur's Gate 2? It's not even close -- BG2 was way better. I could have lived with turn-based, but I prefer real time with pause, especially if they implement the "Pause on Condition X" mechanic from the Infinity Engine.


Melee combat is much more satisfying - weapon reach, grapple, coup de grace, attacks of opportunity, etc. etc.


And that's only a start.


He might think BG2 was better, because BG2 had better enounter design - each fight was different because of the variety of enemies thrown at you.

ToEE wasn't as good in that regard, but its combat system was SO superior it's not even a contest. The combat system in BG2 was restrictive, offered zero depth and was boring as hell.

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