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Mass Effect 3


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So how long before someone gets hold of the Leviathan dlc and lets us know what it adds to the game..? :shifty:

Played it last night when my connection was too finicky for swtor... Was pretty good, positively surprised. There's several "investigation" sequences that are actually pretty good (unlike the ones in the main game). Story is really good on it's own, gives you some more background info for your Final Choice (there were some rumors pre-release that it might actually change the ending with more dialogue or something, but I CBA to play that far for now) and addresses some stuff that has seemed a bit random before. Mechanically the combat sections are quite boring, but they recycle ideas from the MP that add a bit of spice to it. Too bad said MP has kind of given me my share of cannibals, husks etc. All NPCs have new VO work, probably mostly thanks to the EC, but it still makes a big difference for the better.


Subjectively not as good as Shadow Broker, objectively possibly better.

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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